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Homemade Mango Ice Cream Recipe without Ice cream Machine

 Homemade Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Homemade Fresh Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Another simple recipe of Mango. As I promised, I have come up with various mango recipes like mango cake, Aam Panha and mango pickle. I have a few more recipes in the pipeline. Let’s see, still we have almost one month to go for Mango season.

Today, I am going to share Homemade Eggless Mango Ice Cream Recipe. In this hot summer, we need ice cream and juice recipes to beat our heat. This requires 4 main ingredients which can easily available in the grocery shop. This creamy and soft mango ice cream doesn’t require an ice cream machine. I can bet you without machine you still get the best mango ice cream that you ever had.

I have used condensed milk and fresh cream to make this Ice cream. We don’t require sugar in this ice cream recipe as using condensed milk and Alphonso mango which already have sweet. This quick mango ice cream is adopted from Milkmaid Website. I have just made some changes in the quantity as I require less quantity and want to finish in a couple of days.

Mango Ice cream

This homemade ice cream is creamy, soft and rich in mango flavour and taste. It gives you a real taste of mango, just melt in your mouth. This ice cream is much better than store or ice cream parlour bough one as it has no any artificial flavour or colour. This is really amazing feeling when you get this homemade Mango ice cream without an Ice cream machine.

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So Enjoy this fresh mango ice cream, I will promise you, this is the best ice cream recipe that make you drool!!!

Author & Creator: Bhakti
Cuisine: Dessert
Makes: 15
Sources: Friends


Mango Pulp :1 Cup (require 2 mangoes to make the 1 cup mango pulp)
Fresh Cream: 1 Cup  (I used Amul Fresh Cream)
Milk, chilled: 1 cup
Condensed Milk : ½ Tin

Recipe for Mango Ice Cream:

  1. Take the mixing bowl. Add condensed milk, mango pulp and chilled milk. Mix it well.
  2. Beat the Fresh cream with the help of the whisk or electric beater. I used Hand Beater to get nice thick creamy structure. Mix this well beaten cream in the condensed milk and mango pulp mixture. Fold it with a whisk.  Mix well.
  3. Pour into freezing tray and freeze till half set. Remove the tin and beat it again with whisk or electric beater.
  4. Return to freezing tray and freeze it till well set.
  5. While serving, garnish with few mango cubes and cherries or you can garnish with chopped nuts.



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Traditional Aam Panha, How to make kairiche panhe


Aam panha recipe

Traditonal Aam Panha


How to make traditional aam panha

Summer is full of mango season and their recipes whether it is from green raw mango or Alphanso.

We always make kairi or aam panha in the summer. It is summer cooler drink. There are lots of way to make Aam Panha recipe but we usually make with simple ilaichi or cardamom powder and sugar. Some people add jira powder and black salt even adding mint leaves is the another option to make Aam Panha.

This recipe comes from Maharashtra. Kairi Panhe or kariche panhe is name in maharashtrian cuisine. Kairi means raw green mango. In hindi, we call ‘aam panha’ or ‘aam panna’.

In summer, if you want to quench your thrust, aam panha is the best option rather than having artificial colour drink. It is best refreshing drink in summer. This summer drink makes you feel happy and satisfied.


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Homemade Sugarcane Juice, how to make sugarcane juice without extracting machine


Homemade Sugarcane juice without Extracting Machine

I am enjoying summer vacation with my daughter at my mummy’s place. We have beach in 5 minute distance from our house. Every evening we use to go to the beach and enjoy our evening. My daughter first time taste a sugarcane juice on the same beach and she loves a lot so my father brought a fresh sugarcane from the market but she was so small to chew that sugarcane and because of this, she was throwing tantrum for the juice. So anyhow I have to make this juice. I was little worried about how to make this juice in mixer grinder as this sugarcane is really very hard from outside as well as inside but my grinder worked very well to make this homemade juice and hureyyy…. I have succeeded.

Have you tasted sugarcane juice at the roadside? I was big fan when I was child but now as a mother, due to unhygienic reason, I am avoiding roadside food now.

But still you can make this juice at home within just three simple step and you homemade sugarcane juice is ready. So lets learn how to extract sugarcane juice without extracting machine.

Sugarcane juice without extracting machine

I have used normal mixer grinder not a juicer still I got the perfect juice. Lets try!!

Author & Creator: Bhakti
Cuisine:  Beverage
Makes/Serves:  2
Sources: self

Sugarcane( cut into small cubes) : 4 cup
Powdered Sugar: 1 Tspn (optional)
Lemon juice: 1 Tspn (optional)
Ginger: 1/2 inch (optional)
Black salt: a pinch
Water 1/4 cup
Ice cube: 3-4 cubes

Recipe to make sugarcane juice:

1. Wash the sugarcane and peel hard outer layer of sugarcane withthe help of big knife.
2. Cut into small pieces. Add sugarcane cubes, ginger in mixie. Grind it. Add 1/4 cup water and grind it again.
3. Take out sugarcane extraxt in big bowl. Squeeze the extract in another bowl. If you want use same extract and grind it again with the help adding extra little water and squeeze it again. Drain the juice with fine filter or cotton or muslin cloth. Add black salt and lemon juice. Add ice cube while serving.


1. I have used bigger grinder container as small container may get stop while grinding.
2. I have not added ginger as my daughter is little choosy while tasting any juice. Simple a pinch of salt and lemon juice would work.
3. Avoid sugar if you want. I have added little sugar for a taste.
4. Use fine filter otherwise you will get fiber in your juice. Coffee or tea filter work very well.

Summer drink

If you want to try another juices and smoothies than do check pineapple juice, strawberry milkshake, mango mastani and many more.

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Mango Mastani Recipe, How to Make Pune’s Special Mastani Drink

Mango mastani

Mango Mastani Recipe


Mango Mastani Recipe, How to Make Pune Special Mango Mastani


Today, I am going to share one more recipe. This recipe, I have dedicated to my mother.. Happy Mothers Day … Today is the mothers day.. A thanks day to our mother…

#MangoMania… Hot hot summer and chilled chilled drink… One of the coolest drink “Mango Mastani”.. Anyone knows about Mastani drink??? This drink is basically originated from Pune. You will get this drink in every where in Pune in different flavours like mango mastani, sitaphal mastani, strawberry mastani, chocolate, orange and dryfruit mastani. I don’t how this drink got name “mastani” but as per my knowledge peshawa bajirao’s second wife is “Mastani Bai” and she was so graceful and beautiful so this drink and on her name this beverage got the name mastani drink.

Mango mastani recipe

Mango Mastani is reach dessert which can easily satisfied your hunger. This is nothing but mango milkshake with vanilla or mango ice cream. Mango Icecream goes very well with this dessert and bite size mango gives nice texture to this beverage.

The truth is that I have never tasted mastani. Once watching news channel after the release of movie “Bajirav Mastani”, they have shown various culture of peshawas and pune’s special food and places. I have seen this Mastani on the news channels.

You will get traditional Mango Mastani in Sadashiv Peth, Pune.

So do try this cold drink in summer with Mango Ice cream or Vanilla Ice cream.

If you looking for some other mango recipes than do check eggless mango cake and raw mango pickle.

Author & Creator: Bhakti
Cuisine:  Beverage
Makes/Serves:  2
Sources: self

Mango pulp: 2 cup or 2 large mango
Chilled Milk: 1.5 cup
Sugar: 2 Tbsn or as needed
Vanilla or Mango Ice cream: 2 scoop
Mixed nuts, Cherry and tutti frutti for garnishing
Chopped Mangoes for garnishing

Recipe for Mango Mastani :

1. Cut the mangoes in cubes and put them in mixer grinder.
2. Add chilled milk and vanilla ice cream. I used vanilla ice cream instead of mango ice cream. Add sugar.
3. Blend to it smooth milkshake. Taste it if the sugar are less, you can add it on this step and blend it again to smooth texture.
4. Pour this milkshake in glass till you left little space to add ice crem scoops and nuts.
5. Keep it in the refrigerator till serving. At the time of serving, add one or two ice cream scoop and garnish with cashew, kismiss, chopped almond and some trutti frutti.
6. Mango Mastani is ready to serv.

Mango mastani recipe

  1. Notes:
    1. If you have very sweet mangoes than you can avoid sugar.
    2. I forgot to add chopped mango while serving so before adding ice cream scoop, add 1 tbsn chopped mangoes in the milkshake.

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