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Vermicelli Kheer Recipe, How To Make Seviyan Kheer


How To Make Kheer or Payasam, Vermicilli Seviyan

From past few days, I was waiting for some occasion to make Vermicelli Kheer and to post on Yummyindianrecipes and on Thursday, I got a chance to make this kheer as it was Janmashtami so I made a kheer-puri for naivaidya. Also, one of my office colleague wants to know how to make kheer recipe so this is the one more reason.

It is very simple to make seviyan kheer or payasam. To make seviyan kheer, we need full fat cream as it will give nice thick structure to kheer so we don’t require khoya also. Khoya gives rich texture to kheer. Khoya can be easily available in sweet shops.


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Kids Tiffin Ideas & Lunchbox series for Toddlers



Lunchbox idea for kids

Dhokla with fruit and Dry Fruits

Toddler & Pre-schooler Tiffin & Lunchbox series

Yesterday, while filling my daughter prisha’s snack tiffin, I got an idea, why not add some toddler tiffin and lunchbox ideas on my blog so here I go with my todder and kids lunchbox series.

Today is the Friday and from today onward, I have started lunchbox series for toddler and pre-schooler. The reason behind this to start on friday this tiffin series is that you will get chance to prepare on weekend about about next week food and items.

I am sharing my food ideas as per my thought andknowldge however these just suggestion that what and how much you can add nutritional foods in your toddler tiffins.

My daughter is in Nursery so I always need to give her snack for her tiffin. It can be any not just a main course such as a rice or gravy and chapati or roti, even simple sandwich or veggie role work for her tiffin.

Children are always picky eater for their lunchbox and this is the main reason, we Mom’s get easily panic after looking at unfinished lunchbox.

Lunchbox ideas for kids

Adding or in fact, I can say hiding vegetables in the snacks is the great idea for fussy child. You can steam the vegetable and grated or mash them so child won’t get any texture while eating. I always try to add grated vegetables while making tikki or paratha.

Check today’s tiffin idea or lunchbox idea. I have given this tiffin for morning and evening snacks as she is also going daycare after her Nursery so according you chilld, you can increase or decrease the snacks.

Todays Lunchbox Item:

1. Khaman Dhokla
2. Tomato Ketchup or chutney
3. Any fruit, chopped. I have added Papaya.
4. Mixed dry fruit like cashew, raisin and dry fig.

Having at least any seasonal fruit in your child tiffin is good habit as your child also got used to it with seasonal fruits.

I will add new tiffin idea every week till than you can brows some section likes breakfast or evening snack section.

Lunchbox, you can use any steel or kids friendly lunchbox like Tupperware, even you can try a tiffin which having more than tow separation in one tiffin.

Preschooler tiffin ideas

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Tri color Popsicles Recipe , Independence Day Special Recipe

Tri color popsicles

Tri Colour Popsicle Recipe, Independence Day Special Recipe


On Monday, India celebrating 70th Independence Day. After almost 150 years of British empower, India finally got independence on 15th August 1947. Till from that day to current situation, India has improved a lot in various fields. It is one of the fastest developing country since then.

Here, I am also celebrating our Independence day with my lovely daughter with this DIY recipe. Today, I am coming with Tri colour fruit Popsicle which represent Indian flag colours Orange, white and green. I have adopted this recipe from with little modification.

This is healthy and natural colour Popsicle. I have used fresh seasonal fruits to get variation in colours. Orange custard apple and kiwi gives you nice natural colours. You can even use papaya, mango for orange colour or a banana for white colour.

Try this Tri Colour Popsicle Recipe and do let me know your views.

Author & Creator: Bhakti
Recipe type & Cuisine: Dessert
Makes: 5-6 Popsicles

Ingredients :

Orange colour:
Orange juice :2-3 oranges
Sugar: 1 tablespoon

White Colour:
Milk: 2 cup
Custard apple:1 small
Sugar: 2 Tablespoons

Green colour:
Kiwi: 2
Sugar: 4 tablespoons (as per taste)

DIY Recipe for Tri Colour Popsicle:

1. Extract orange juice from the oranges. Add sugar as per your taste.
2. Take Popsicle mold add orange juice in the Popsicle till 1/4th. Keep it in the freezer for 1 hour or till it sets.
3. Meantime, prepare for white and green colour. Remove seed from the custard apple. Keep it aside.
4. Mix the milk and sugar and keep on medium flame till milk get little thick. Once done, add custard apple and mix it properly. Keep it aside.
5. Now prepare green colour, remove kiwi skin. Cut it into slices and grind it to get thick pulp with little water. For better result in green colour, do not take kiwi’s seed. Keep it aside or you can strain the pulp.
6. Once, milk mixture cool. Add this mixture in a mold where orange juice is already set. Keep in freezer for minimum 1 hour as milk required more time to set.
7. Once milk sets, add kiwi pulp and this time close with mold lids. Keep it in deep fridge till 6-7 hours.
8. While unmolding, keep Popsicle mold in running water and unmold it.
9. Serve chilled.



1. I forgot to strain the kiwi juice so this is the main reason, i have not received proper result in green colour as you can see in the picture.
2. Use different variation for green colour, you can take spinach leaves also with kiwi.

Yummy Indian Recipe

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Indian Style French Toast| How To make Bread Toast with Eggs

Indian Style French Toast

French Toast Recipe with Indian Spices

If you are Eggetarian and think for a quick breakfast, this Indian flavor French Toast saves your time.. Yes.. Today, I am going to share my version of French toast with special Indian spices. if you like sweet toast than you like this Indian style french toast also.

It requires bread, eggs, few Indian spices and oil or butter to shallow fry. Within 5-10 minutes your morning breakfast is ready. If the egg is allowed in your kids school, you can pack this for their tiffin to with some variation like just add grated cheese or coriander or even without egg you can try this recipe.


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