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5 Incredible Dhabas In Amritsar For a Delicious Treat

Amritsar, the land of the Golden Temple, is a historic religious place. This illustrious city holds a remarkable spot on the gastronomical map of India. The inhabitants of this mighty land are well known for their reverence for religion and food. They are as passionate of their food as their god. Both are sacred and holds a special place in a Punjabi’s heart. Thus, Amritsar being one of the foremost city of Punjab bears a unique testimonial of Punjabi food.

Punjabi food, one of the most dominating north Indian cuisine is best enjoyed in a dhaba. A dhaba is a rustic restaurant serving mouth-watering curries along with a range of Indian breads and refreshing drinks like lassi. Traditionally, dhabas are roadside eateries providing comfort food to travelers, workers and ordinary townsmen of a particular region. They are intrinsically located along the highways. With time, the concept of this dhaba has gained momentum leading to its current boom. As a result, one is sure to find a wide range of dhabas in every city of India. This being a cosmopolitan city is no exception, there are so many things to do in Amritsar. It boasts of unique range of dhabas. The 5 most influential dhabas offering finger-licking food is listed here.

  1. Kesar Da Dhaba

    kesar da dhaba

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Kesar Da Dhaba is arguably the best dhaba of Amritsar. This 1916 established enterprise is located in a crowded alley near the Telephone Exchange at the Chowk Passian in the Cantonment Area of Amritsar. The oldest dhaba in the city, first started as a Parantha and dal outlet in Sheikhupura region of West Pakistan, which at that time was a part of undivided India. After partition, this vegetarian dhaba relocated to Amritsar and since then they are relentlessly serving the people of the city. The original menu decided by the founders Lt. Lala Kesar Mal and his wife Parvati, had dal and parantha. With the change of time they have introduced new dishes and made it more versatile. The charm of this place is in its age-old ambience and taste of food. The dishes date back to a century and very much retains their original taste. The most sought after dishes are Dal Makhani, Dal tadka and phirni. Of these, the dal makhani deserves special mention as it is slow cooked overnight and served with dressings of ghee in the morning. Their thali and sweet delicacies like gulab jamun are equally well known.  Here, one gets a hearty meal at a meagre sum of Rs.150.


  1. Pal Da Dhaba

pal da dhaba

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This is a non-vegetarian dhaba hailed by the locals for its mutton and lamb delicacies. It is a small eatery situated near Hathi Gate in Amritsar. This place is heaven by meat-lovers specially people who crave for mutton and lamb delicacies. It is famous for the kharode – a delicately woven lamb trotters soup delicacy. People drool over lamb trotters known as paya, keema nan and chicken tikka. Chicken and Mutton Curry, Mutton Kaleji and Mutton Kharoda are equally delicious. The cost is pretty nominal at about Rs. 200 per person.


  1. Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner

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When it comes to fish delicacies, this is the best dhaba in the city. Their Fish Amritsari is to die for. Because of this single most dish, it has made a special place in the heart of the locals. Located beside Madaan Hospital in Majitha Road in Basant Nagar, this dhaba is the go to place for fish delicacies particularly Fish Amritsari. The place is also known for a range of chicken dishes like Kadai Chicken, Malai Chicken, Butter Chicken etc. All these are served with a variety of Indian breads like Tandoori roti, Nan, Kulcha, Parantha etc. The place is comfortable with Air-Conditioned sitting arrangement. The cost is around Rs.300 per person.


  1. Bharawan Da Dhaba

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This is another vegetarian dhaba, which is a force to reckon with. It is situated near Town Hall on the Golden Temple Out Road in Hall Bazar. The place is best known for its Laccha paranthas and palak paneer. The smooth creamy white kheer is delicious. Shahi paneer, dal makhani and baigan bharta are the sought-after dishes here. The ambience is of a typical dhaba and the food is finger-licking good. The pocket pinch is Rs. 150-200 per person.

  1. Beera Chicken House

beera chicken house



The holy grail of Punjabi food, Butter Chicken is best served in this dhaba. People swear by Beera’s Butter Chicken and throng to have a taste of it. The outlet is located on Majithia road, Sehaj Avenue opposite of Bandari Hospital. There specialty is BBQ dishes. It is chicken lover’s paradise serving a range of delicacies like BBQ roasted chicken, chicken tikka. It has a traditional dhaba set up with moderate sitting arrangements. Pocket pinch is Rs. 250 per person.

So, get set go!! Explore Amritsar and the best Punjabi cuisines and tag your friends along. Spread out an elaborate treat and be the perfect host! All without burning a hole in your pocket!!!

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Gajar Halwa Recipe | How To Make Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Halwa

How To Make Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Halawa is delicious, rich dessert prepared from carrot and milk. Traditionally, making Carrot Halwa with slow cooking method is time consuming, almost take a more than an hour. other methods are cook carrot in pressure cooker or cook with condensed milk.

I have tried the traditional way to cook gajar halwa completely in a milk and malai (fresh cream). Along with this milk and malai, ghee and cardamom powder gives nice aroma and rich texture to this Gajar Ka Halwa. This is traditional recipe require time and patience. Khoya is not required for this recipe. Just mix grated carrot, milk and ghee. Slow cook on low to medium flame and mix it in between. A heavy bottom kadhai or not stick kadhai are useful to make halwa or else it will burn the Halwa.

Gajar Ka Halwa

During winter we always make gajar halwa because in the winter season we get those special delhi carrots and these carrots are tasty and juicy. You can use normal carrot as well.

Last, There was a “Gudi Padwa”. A “Maharashtrian New Year”. We used to make sweets on this day. I prepared Gajar Halwa Recipe for new year celebration. Below is the pic for same Gajar Halwa with Khoya

Gajar Halwa With Khoya

Whether you want satisfy your relatives on special occasion or want to satisfy your children, these gajar ka halwa is the best option from todler to adults. Enjoy the sweetness!!!

Author & Creator: Bhakti
Recipe type & Cuisine: Indian Sweets
Makes: 15
Sources: Self

Ingredients :

Grated Carrot : 4-5 Cup
Full Fat Cream : 4 Cup
Clarified Butter or Ghee : 3 Tablespoon
Sugar : 1/2 Cup (As per Sweetness)
Cardamom Powder : 1/2 Teaspoon
Saffron Strand : a pinch (optional)
Almond : 10-15 (Microwave 5 minute in water and blanch the almond)
Cashew: 6-7 (optional)
Raisins: 15

How To Make Gajar Ka Halwa:

1. Grate the Carrot with Peeler.
2. Add ghee in a nonstick Kadhai, once heated add grated carrots and stir on low flame.
3. Add milk and mix properly.
4. Bring the carrot mixture to boil and then cooked on Medium flame.
5. stir well in between to avoid burning.
6. carrot mixture will cook with in 30 minutes. and the milk will start to reduce.
7. when the milk has reduced, add sugar and cardamom powder.
8. keep on stirring the halwa every 5-10 minutes on low flame.
10. When halwa almost done, add the sliced almond, cashews and raisins and cook on low flame till all the halwa become dry. switch off the gas.
11. serve the gajar halwa or you can serve cold gajar halwa also.

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