5 Must-Have Kitchen Staples for Preparing Restaurant-Caliber Breakfasts Every Day

Time always seems to go fast in the morning. With you and everyone busy preparing for school or work, it can be easy to fall into the pattern of serving your family with something quick and easy for breakfast. For many, this often means placing a box or two of cereals and milk on the table and letting your kids choose which one to put in their bowls.

Although cereals are healthy breakfast staples, it is not wise to serve these every day at home. This is because your kids will get bored of eating the same thing over and over again. In addition, you won’t help your children get more nutrients and explore more foods if you don’t diversify their breakfast meals.

To ensure you serve a healthy and restaurant-quality breakfast every day, make sure you always keep a stock of these ingredients in your pantry:

1.    Eggs

Eggs should be a staple in your pantry since they are not only great for breakfast; you can use them for other meals, too. They are one of the most versatile ingredients you can use to serve nutritious, tasty, and exciting dishes every day.

You can cook fried or scrambled eggs within two to three minutes. Serve the eggs with toast and your kids will have something filling and healthy for breakfast.

If you have more time, you can make omelets. Simply add some vegetables and cheese in the eggs and you add more nutrients to their first meal of the day.

There are other amazing breakfast dishes you can make with eggs as well. These include egg sandwiches, French toast and frittatas, to name a few.

2.    Oats

Oats are healthy, inexpensive, and easy to cook. They are packed with fiber, protein, iron, and other vitamins and minerals.

You won’t have to spend a lot of time cooking oatmeal as well. Rolled oats can be cooked in five minutes. Serve the oatmeal with milk, fresh fruits, and honey, and your kids will have something nutritious and hearty to start their day.

Overnight oatmeal is also quite popular today. Simply place the cooked oatmeal in small jars with milk, sweetener (honey or agave), spices, and nuts or seeds and leave them in the fridge overnight. You can then serve the prepared oatmeal as they are in the morning.

3.    Bread

When you store bread in the freezer, you can preserve its freshness and flavor for several weeks. To serve the bread in the morning, toast them and add some eggs on the side.

You can also use the toasted bread to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Add some fresh fruits to make this simple meal healthier.

Another way to serve bread for breakfast is to make a cheese and tomato sandwich and heat this in the oven. It will only take you a few minutes to prepare this dish and your kids will love eating something that tastes like pizza early in the morning.

Lastly, to make French toast, you need bread. This means stocking up on pre-sliced white loaf or wheat bread, which usually has longer expiry dates.

4.    Tortillas

You can add more variety to your kids’ breakfast meals by preparing dishes using tortillas.

Tortilla recipes are quite easy and quick to make as well. A breakfast burrito, for instance, takes only several minutes to prepare. Simply cook scrambled eggs, place them in a tortilla, add some tomatoes and cheese, and roll it up.

If you and your kids love huevos rancheros, pile some eggs, cheese, salsa, and black beans on a tortilla. It will only take you 10 minutes to prepare this simple yet hearty dish.

5.    Cheese

Lastly, everything always tastes better with cheese, so always stock up on different types of this dairy product in the fridge.

American cheese, goat cheese, feta, Colby Jack, and cheddar are some of the types of cheese that taste great on eggs and bread. All your tortilla-based recipes also call for cheese, so make sure you never run out of this ingredient.

With the right ingredients at hand, you will always be inspired to whip up something healthy and tasty every morning. And with the right recipes, you won’t have to spend a long time making these dishes that everyone will love.


Jad Asaad is the Marketing Manager at Horeca Trade LLC with more than eight years of experience in digital, online and offline marketing. He started his career in Beirut working in a creative agency and then moved to Dubai to further expand his career. He created and implemented award-winning high-impact digital and offline marketing campaigns that consistently generated revenue streams and improved performance in targeted segments.


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