Cutting the Wedding Cake, Punjabi Style

So, do you remember any urban Punjabi wedding that you attended in the past one decade or so, which didn’t have a cakes? Well, to be honest, I can’t. The face of the Indian weddings has totally changed in the past decade. Cakes have become and integral part of marriage parties, Punjabi weddings more so. And well, what we have today is a host of cake delivery specialists who make cakes that are not only totally English in taste, but also an absolute delight for the Indian eyes.

While Punjabis are known go way above than overboard while spending on weddings, we also admit that these events are also the ones we love to attend. With demonetisation beating drums over our heads, there may have been some changes in the wedding patterns, but cakes have not disappeared still, and are considered an indispensable part of a wedding gourmet, décor and the itinerary.

So, let’s hop on the roller coaster that any Punjabi wedding is and see what cakes are making waves this season:

 Glitzy Cakes

If it’s a wedding it’s got to be glitzy, even if it is a cake, and you better tell your cake delivery guys the same. True that, in some of the most lavish weddings I happened to visit in the past two months, glitz and glamour was the code. The colour gold was writ large, whether it was for the best looking apparels that graced the hosts, the attendees, and and the couples, or the decoration, or the cakes. With gold coloured icing and embellishments, all I can say is all that glitters may as well be gold.


Mehandi Cakes

Don’t think you misread it. You certainly read it right. The icings are going more and more traditional as the cake gets assimilated as a part of the urbane Indian culture, and mehandi designs shift from the hands of the bride to the cakes. The cakes come adorned as delicate and aesthetically intricate as the bride’s mehandi now – a delight to see. But that doesn’t mean that your wedding cake and mehandi come from the same place. Many a cake delivery specialists are are rocking this kind of art.

Decor Coordinates

If you have left your wedding arrangement worries to a wedding planner, you may be in very good luck. Some of them are doing it perfectly – matching the cakes with the décor, so that the venue and the setting look like they are in complete harmony. So, it could take the colours of the flowers, or frills, or whatever your décor looks like. Believe you me, it becomes quite a backdrop for the most amazing selfies that guests post online.

Ensemble Coordinates

Well, this is the most recent trend that I witnessed at the friend’s wedding who is an NRI, settled in Canada. Here’s the deal in this case – the groom’s got to match his attire with the bride’s, and your cake delivery must understand that the cake’s attire must match the ensembles of the couple. It makes for immensely balanced photographs and happily amused guests. You could try it if you still haven’t got married.

I am very sure that these are not the only trends that are rocking the Punjabi nuptial bashes. Will be back with newer trends. Till we meet again.

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Neha Sharma is an avid blogger and a food and fashion enthusiast. A slave to reading as she is, she also believes in trying out new things, whether it is food, books, writing, or meeting new people. She also takes a lot of pleasure in reading and writing about philosophy.


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