Mixed Fruit Custard Recipe

Fruit custard recipe

Fruit custard – Indian style mixed fruits custard

From long time, I want to make a simple fruit custard, but couldn’t get time to try this.

Today is the best day to make this simple custard powder recipe or you can say indian style fruit custard. Today is the ‘V’ Day. “Valentine’s Day”. A big day for couple, lovers who already in deep love or who want make one step ahead. I have surprised my hubby with fruit custard and pasta. I will later add pasta recipe also.

Happy Valentines Day to all my dear and near one.

Mixed fruit custard is sweet dessert which can go with any fruit but seasonal fruits goes well with this custard. Try to avoid canned fruit. I have used banana, Chiku, Apple, Pomegranate, and Strawberry . I have also added some cashew, raisin and almond. It will gives nice crunch to custard. Avoid citrus food as custard will get sour after some time. If you want, you can add later while serving.

Indian style fruit custard


Author & creator: Bhakti
Recipe Type & cuisine: Indian Dessert
Make: 4-5 serving
Sources: self


Vanilla flavoured custard powder : 2 Tbsp
Milk: 2.5 Cup + 3 Tbsp
Sugar: 4-5 Tbsp ( or as per your taste)
Mixed fruit: 1.5 Cup
Cashew & almond : 2 each, cut in small pieces
Raisin: 4-5

How to make Fruit Custard Recipe:

1. Keep thick bottom pan on the heat. Add all the milk into pan.
2. Bring milk to heat or simmer (do not boil). Once the milk heated, take 3 Tbsp milk from the pan and add to the small bowl.
3. Add 2 Tbsp custard powder. Stir well. I used a whisk to get smooth texture without any lumps.
4. When milk has come to heat, add sugar and stir well until sugar dissolves completely.
5. Add 1/2 part of the custard paste in milk and stir well. After 30 Second or some interval, add the remaining part of custard paste and stir it continuously to avoid any lumps.
6. Cook another 6-7 minutes on low flame.
7. The mixture will thicken slowly. For thick consistency, keep it more 2-3 minutes.
8. Allow custard to cool completely.
9. Meantime, chop all the fruits.
10. Once the custard has cool, add fruits and nuts as per your choice.
11. Mix well and refrigerate it until serving.

Custard recipe

Step by step pictorial representation for fruit custard recipe

Notes: For fast or vrata, you can use arrowroot powder as an thickening agent instead of corn starch.

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