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strawberry recipes


Who doesn’t like Strawberry… since strawberries are in the season and one of yummy fruit in berry family, you will get strawberry in every alternate fruit shop. Here in India, winter season is famous for Strawberry. Unfortunately, in India, we don’t get all types of berries in each and every market place but you will get those berries in big Malls and famous markets. There are various berries available such as blackberry, raseberry, blueberry, cranberry and my favorites Strawberry, Indian Gooseberry(Aamla) and many more. I have checked Global Healing Center where you will get idea how 7 berries are important in our daily nutritional diet.

Anyway, apart from its nutritional value, Strawberry has its own aromas, nice structure, colour, sweet and tangy taste that will make you crazy. It is the one fruit which can have it in any form like Strawberry Jam, juice, milkshake or cake, ice-cream and many more. Recently, I got the famous Mahableshwer (famous hill station in Maharashtra) Mapro Strawberry Crush from one of my office colleague, of course it’s not free, I paid him for that. I tried a milkshake from the crush. It came out very well, but of course, fruit is a fruit. you cannot compare strawberry and its preservative crush.

I have bought these strawberries from the shop to make Strawberry Milkshake and Homemade Jam for Prisha. She loves Jam, it can be any either Strawberry, Pineapple or mix fruit jam. Let see which recipe comes first here on Yummy Indian Recipes.

I have taken few images for simple strawberry recipes like chocolates strawberry and strawberry santa from web. Please have a look… They look so yummy and cute as well..aren’t they? Do you want to know about strawberries and other berries more? You can look at “20 Types of Berries and Their Health Benefits” written by MSc nutritionist”.

Simple strawberry recipes

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